Construction Site Security

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Security Cameras and Fire Alarm

Met Security’s construction site security includes the supply and installation of temporary CCTV around Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, York and the surrounding areas of Yorkshire. The installation of temporary CCTV is perfect for places such as construction sites, public events, festivals etc, whereby the system installation is quicker and less intrusive, not to mention significantly more cost effective than manned guarding.

Protecting your building site and any equipment left on site will help to prevent theft and vandalism, saving your company money from unnecessary repairs and equipment replacement, not to mention the hassle that comes alongside criminal damage or theft. Our expert team will survey your construction site or temporary premises and recommend the most suitable security system and the most effective camera positioning to best protect your site.

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Temporary Fire Alarm

Preventing a potential disaster on a construction site is integral towards site safety, which is why we recommend the installation of a temporary fire alarm system. These temporary systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and quick installation, protecting areas where a permanent system is unsuitable. Not only does this protect the premises or property it also protects people who are working or entering the area.

Our team experts will provide advice as to where and what system you would need for your site requirements, talk you through the installation process and how to use the system.

Wireless CCTV Systems

Wireless CCTV and fire alarm systems are more practical and a safer option in areas where there are lots of people and machinery moving around, such as events and building sites, where wires become a health and safety hazard.

We use modern security cameras providing some of the industries robust and wireless systems, which are perfect for withstanding all UK weather conditions and active construction sites. Reducing the need to install wires will not only reduce interference with your site schedule but also begin to protect your site sooner with a much simpler installation process. Wireless systems are also perfect for use at events such as festivals and sports events.

Remote CCTV

Keeping up with today's modern methods of technology has enabled us to provide an excellent remote CCTV feature that allows you to view your security cameras on the go via your smart phone. This fantastic feature will allow security companies to monitor construction sites and other premises when they can’t be physically on site.

Remote security can also be armed with motion detectors that notify your smart phone that a sensor has gone off, allowing you to proceed with the appropriate actions to ensure the safety of your site, equipment, machinery and other valuables.

If you require construction site security and are based within Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, York or the surrounding areas of Yorkshire then please use our contact form below to get in contact, one of our team will be in touch to discuss your enquiry.

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